Can I get a new home security system with existing equipment?

July 28, 2021

Vivent hub screen on living room wall.

When figuring out which place you’ll try for your home security, you may wonder if you need to use all new alarms and sensors or if you can incorporate your home security system with existing equipment.

For companies like Vivint, that answer depends on the situation. You should be able to keep your old devices and transfer them to your Vivint system, but only if they are built with Z-wave technology and are able to sync with the new system. Here are a few reasons to keep your old device and slip it into the new system.

You moved into a home with an existing security system

Sometimes when people close on a home, a home security system is already in use. All the components work, are placed in the correct areas, and are ready to go. In this instance, you might find that you have to call and establish a new service contract. A Vivint installer will still come out to ensure there are no usability problems, and they might offer options on where you should replace bad outdated components. It's a quick visit, and you can have your 24/7 monitoring set up without worrying about any new components -- unless you make additions.

The previous owners can move an existing Vivint contract to your family for a nominal transfer fee to make your life a snap. If the outgoing residents are moving to an apartment complex or smaller home, you keeping the security service may be a part of the sale.

You need to move and take your home security components with you

You may want to bring along your existing home security components with you to your new home when you move. Luckily, it's pretty easy to transfer, as modern smart devices are portable. You can remove each device yourself or call a professional expert to come and dismantle everything. Then an expert will put in the same components -- and any additions you need to have -- in the new place. And your home security contract will stay the same.

You have one device and are looking to build up

Your interior camera, smart thermostat, or small door sensor made you notice the value of a security system, and now you are thinking to expand. Don't worry too much about tossing away that starter device because it might integrate with your new home security system. Security companies like Vivint have crafted their services by using the latest technology and allow many modern devices.

You could erase the video clips you collected, as they might not transfer into the Vivint app. But your smart item will still operate like it would when it was a stand-alone device. You may even discover some new actions that you can use now that the component is linked to a larger home security system.

Contact Vivint for all your home security needs

Whether you want a home security system with existing equipment, or you need one built with all new components, contact Vivint. A Vivint expert will listen to your security needs and will build the best solution for your house. Call 855-476-5528 or complete the form below to start.