DIY Home Security Systems Vs Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

February 19, 2021
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Like other residents, you may get roped into putting up a DIY home security system. But then you’re banking on your handiness and electronic proficiency, and your capability to put the right component in the right spot. A few homeowners can put up a security system that works perfectly and looks nice, and then there are the people that would make the entire house a Frankenstein’s monster.

If only we thought to ask ourselves before we bought, what’s preferable: a DIY home security system or a security system that’s professionally installed by Vivint?

What could you expect when you install a DIY security system?

The main draw with a DIY residential security package is that you can buy singular devices over time. You can begin your collection with one alarm or camera and then sprinkle in equipment one by one from a slew of different companies. Depending on what brand you use, setup can seem simple and some newer packages will easily pair with your smart speaker.

Below are a few other benefits of a DIY home security system:

  • Buying individual alarms and cameras might cost less.

  • You can customize the system slowly over time and with competing brands.

  • Perfect for homeowners that want a single component like a doorbell camera or a smart lock.

  • Some DIY security systems are simple to install, as long as you understand where the best place for them is.

Realize that DIY security does come with plenty of cons:

  • A DIY residential security system may become outdated faster than a professional system.

  • If you mix and match product brands they may not work together or connect to one central Smart Hub.

  • You need to choose the correct places for cameras, smoke detectors, and other devices.

  • You have to do all the installation, troubleshooting, and upkeep. Watching how-to videos can be a hassle.

  • Your DIY security system may not include 24/7 monitoring.

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Pros of a professionally installed home security system 

While a DIY security system might feel like the ideal way to go, there are reasons to consider having your home security system installed by a pro. For instance, it’s easy to install a more complete system when you choose someone like Vivint. Not only are you able to use high-end security alarms, detectors, and cameras, but Vivint can also add monitored fire, flood, and CO detectors, 24/7 monitoring, and home automation.

Here are some other pros for a professionally installed residential security system 

  • You receive a customized security system installed for your family and security needs.

  • You can protect against fire, carbon monoxide, burglaries, and safety emergencies with one system using the Vivint mobile app.

  • Your expert installer will know the best spots to place components.

  • You're not stopped by your own handiness or tech skills.

  • You’ll know all devices operate without issue before your installer leaves.

  • If something happens to a camera, alarm, or sensor, you can contact Vivint to make repairs.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring comes as part of every alarm.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to a professionally installed home security system:

  • There could be installation fees.

  • You’re limited to using their equipment and Vivint mobile app.

  • 24/7 monitoring uses a reoccurring charge.

So is it best to go with a professional home security system or gamble on a DIY solution?

If you only want one or two security devices and you like looking on the internet for technical specifications and installation walkthroughs, a DIY home security system might work well for you. However, if you need a robust system that seamlessly integrates motion detectors, cameras, and smart devices, you’ll probably need a Vivint smart home system. It’s also a good idea to go with Vivint if you’d like services like monitored smoke detectors, smart home devices, or medical pendants.

Basically, DIY won’t work if you need a more robust solution. For this type of smart home, you should stick with a reputable company.

The best professionally installed security system comes from Vivint

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