How To Prevent Shoplifting And Additional Business Security Tips

December 03, 2021

security camera inside a mall

Safeguarding against criminal behavior is a priority for the preponderance of enterprises -- even more so for local shops. The truth of the matter is that many neighborhood locations can’t handle the cost of permanent security professionals or other pricey ways to combat thieves. However, there are certainly smart and affordable means to prevent shoplifting to protect your company’s finances.

Review these business security tips that are a cinch to integrate and won’t scare off your more law-abiding customers.

Protect With A Wireless Security Installation

An essential element of any wireless security plan is having technology that you can effectively manage when it's been set up. An integrated network of wireless video cameras is a good place to start and will prove invaluable when keeping a close watch of your store. It's best to use devices that feature wide-angle lenses, detailed high-def resolution, infrared capability, and motion sensors to identify suspicious activity. Install a surveillance component over the door and enjoy a complete picture of your shop, but also put surveillance components pointed toward the cash register and storage area. These are known spots for petty criminals and will help your employees feel safer when interacting with customers.

You could finalize your store’s defense with sensors at the access points within your location. The ideal protection plan includes 24/7 monitoring, which will answer an emergency situation within seconds. You will also want a configuration that utilizes a mobile app, so you have the ability to monitor the store whenever you like.

Put Up Warnings About Your Security System


The leading business security tips are typically easy but beneficial. For instance, posting signage about your property’s protection at the entrance of your shop and around the register is often a surprisingly effective deterrent in putting a stop to shoplifting. As a business owner, you need to be forthright with shoppers, staff, and partners that your premises and products are safeguarded. By just pointing out that you are watching might discourage a prospective shoplifter from considering a crime.

Limit Access To Certain Spaces With Smart Door Locks

By restricting access to spaces like storerooms and loading docks, you cut out a lot of ways that shoplifting might take place. A traffic door or saloon door flaps aren’t good enough, as you can’t secure them. However, if you install a smart lock in on your entryways, you will enjoy an additional degree of security for your non-public spaces. You can supply each member of your team a specific PIN, so in the event, they turn in their resignation, you can delete their PIN.

Dark Areas And Overstuffed Shelves Lead To Increased Shoplifting

There’s a greater likelihood of shoplifting when petty criminals can lurk in low-lit areas. In addition, shoplifting goes up with crowded racks and bargain bins. Holiday specials and other sales are likely to have arrangements that are a challenge to keep under control. You probably also know that marked-down goods are sometimes placed on a less conspicuous display, which means they can be easily slid into a pocket or bag without notice.

If you find yourself with a rack with items constantly falling off, lower the number of goods by at least one-third. That might seem a little drastic, but you can always reorganize as needed. Just remember, you are more apt to spot a missing item when you have the ability to view an unexpected opening in the display.

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera

Protect Your Business With The Best Wireless Security System

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