Stay connected to your kids and pets with your indoor security cameras

Indoor security cameras provide assurance with easy one-touch access

When you add Vivint's indoor cameras to your customized Vivint home security plan, you are able to get complete access to your home like you never thought possible. This is possible as you not only get crystal clear HD images, but also a unit that links you to your loved ones with one easy touch. Add in smartphone alerts, infrared night vision, and two-way audio, and you have the most advanced indoor security cameras.

Like all of Vivint’s security cameras, you have the ability to review live high-definition footage from your mobile phone. Motion detectors can activate text notifications to your phone while recording 20-second clips to look at when time allows. You can also keep in touch with your children throughout the day by utilizing the one-touch access and the smart two-way talk features.

Popular features of your indoor cameras

Your indoor camera lets you maintain a connection to your family and home from anywhere in the world. Features include:

  • High-definition footage and infrared: Watch live video in high-def quality -- even though the lights are off.

  • Alerts triggered by motion detectors: Receive phone notifications when your smart in-home cameras sense suspect motion.

  • Two-way audio: Communicate with your loved ones or service people from the smartphone app right to your device.

  • One-touch callout: Loved ones are able to notify you in an instant with one easy push of a button.

  • Wireless installation: Put your cameras in strategic locations and get a complete picture of the surroundings.

  • Recordings and playback: Save short for later or enjoy a full month of uninterrupted indoor video streams with Vivint Playback.

Vivint indoor cameras are an integral component of your home defense

Your indoor security cameras provide another level of access with the easy-to-use mobile app. Program instant notifications to your app when your interior surveillance cameras sense movement. Your kids are able to check-in through one-touch functionality when they get home from school. View live HD feeds from the exact camera you want or keep short recordings for a more convenient time. You can even pair your Vivint camera to Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Your home defense is more powerful with an indoor security camera 

Maintain close surveillance of your home with the best indoor security cameras. Call 855-476-5528 or send in the the form on this page, and a Vivint representative will discuss your camera options. They will guide you to the best home security solution for your property and set an installation time that fits your schedule. Call today!