Have unmatched command of your house with home automation

Have your home be more efficient and responsive when you convert it to a smart home. When you have a Vivint home automation system, you can have the system turn on your alarms and adjust the thermostat when you leave the driveway. Open the garage door and raise the thermostat when you pull into the driveway. Talk to unexpected visitors who are ringing your doorbell with your doorbell camera when you’re away. With Vivint, you have full control of your home and smart devices whether you're home or away.

Your smart home begins with these home automation components

Your Vivint specialist will help you build your system to best fit your needs. You can go ahead and include home automation devices, such as smart thermostat and smart appliances, that create a more efficient house. Then add in items that increase your safety, such as CO detectors and a garage door sensor. Finally, add security system components, like motion sensors or a doorbell camera.

You can operate every device in your smart home via simple command center. Create schedules or develop unique zones that keep the temperature and lighting just right. Or get the Vivint App on your mobile device to control your home automation system at work. running errands, or on vacation. With Vivint’s home automation devices, you're able to:

 smart locks

Check if the door is locked or not

When you have smart locks, you can lock your doors with just your smartphone. Receive messages on your phone when your children walk through the door. Assign visitors or contractors a temporary key code with the Vivint App. Know if any doors are unlocked at night without getting up from bed.

 smart thermostat

Maintain the ideal temperature at home using a smart thermostat.

Schedule your heating and cooling system run more efficiently when you're asleep or away from the house. Remotely lower the thermostat to be at an ideal temperature when you get home from work.

 garage door controller

Set up the garage door to automatically open when you are in the driveway.

Monitor if your garage door was left opened or receive alerts if you leave it up on your way to work. Raise the garage from anywhere for big deliveries, so they don't sit on your front patio. Then close the door again to keep your packages hidden until someone is home.

 smart lights

Stop high energy bills with smart lighting solutions.

Design energy-efficient lighting schedules that enhance your daily tasks. Program lighting brightness to the right level to minimize TV glare or become night-lights. Create schedules with your phone to turn on and off the lights, so it appears like someone is at home.

 camera app

Manage your surveillance cameras with the powerful Vivint App.

Your Vivint App helps you control your with the same home automation process. Receive phone messages when your cameras pick up suspicious activity. See high-definition live feeds or save short video clips to review later. Or talk with delivery people using the 2-way talk capabilities.

 motion sensor

Schedule your security sensors and alarms.

With the Vivint App, it’s simple to schedule your home security components to Control your system from your security app to let in out-of-town visitors. And receive phone alerts any time a sensor trips.

Your Vivint App is the key to smart home automation

Control all your home automation components and your home security system with the comprehensive and easy-to-use Vivint App. Dim your smart lighting, lower the thermostat, and shut the garage door from anywhere with a couple of button taps on the mobile app. Set your devices to turn on at specific times to make your devices sync with your routine. Schedule your smart lights and locks to respond to your alarms and motion sensors. You can even run your Vivint Smart Home with Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Call now for the perfect home automation system

The first step in making your home more responsive and efficient is to call your Vivint professional. They’ll customize a system that is built around your home automation and security needs. Simply call 855-476-5528 or fill out the form below. They’ll help you create the best smart home!