Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your carbon monoxide detectors notify you the moment they sense rising carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide might be a colorless and odorless gas, but . Fortunately, your monitored CO detector will alert you when it senses excess CO gas. Just like your monitored fire alarms, a high decibel buzzer will sound when it sees excess levels of carbon monoxide. It also transmits an alert to your mobile device and your Vivint monitoring experts so you can get you and your family to a safe space as emergency services arrive. 

How does your monitored carbon monoxide detector keep you safe?

Without a CO sensor, you might be unable to know there’s harmful gas leaks from your kitchen or heating system. Here’s how the detectors work:

  • High-level CO sensors: Hang CO detectors in your basement, kitchen, or family room, or those areas you might find a gas leak.

  • Ultra-loud alert system: When the unit feels a harmful concentration of carbon monoxide, your units will alert the house with a high-decibel bell.

  • Smartphone notifications through the Vivint App: Unfortunately, a carbon monoxide problem may not always happen when you’re at home. If your CO detector senses a build-up of CO, you will be sent an alert on your smartphone.

  • Get help fast with round-the-clock monitoring: The second you hear the alarm from your CO detector, your round-the-clock monitoring team will immediately call fire and rescue. This gives you time to get your family out of the house as help arrives.

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A complete security system uses carbon monoxide detectors

Your carbon monoxide alarms are just a portion of a complete home security system. If you pair CO safety to automation devices, you can:

  • Direct CO gas away from the leak by automatically starting your smart thermostat’s vent fan.

  • Remotely deactivate your smart locks before you leave the house.

  • Watch your camera streams to double check that everyone safely left the house.

  • Stay in constant contact with your Vivint monitoring agents by using the Vivint App.

Get your CO detectors with your Vivint home security system

Let our Vivint experts customize the best security system with carbon monoxide alarms. We’ll show you how our alarms, sensors, and home automation devices will help you stay safe and secure, with round-the-clock monitoring. Simply call 855-476-5528 or fill out the online form today!