Vivint Smart Locks

Your smart lock for secure keyless entry

When you use your smart locks as an element of your home security system, you will never have to scrutinize where you threw your keys. That’s because you get key-free entry with a personalized code that's unique to each family member. Just put in the numbers to lock or unlock the door or open the Vivint mobile app to unlock your doors remotely. Then get texts to your phone when your locks are unlocked, which is handy for when you need your doors to open for repair service or want to know when your children arrive home from seeing friends.

Vivint Smart Lock 

Here’s what you can achieve when you use your smart locks:

  • Remotely unlock and lock your locks with the Vivint App.
  • Secure your doors automatically through geofencing.
  • Get notifications to your phone when your locks are unlocked.
  • Customize up to 30 personalized lock codes.
  • Make your smart devices and alarm system to react to your locks.

Use your smart locks from your smartphone

You never have to wonder about if you neglected to secure the back door again. That’s because you have the power to look at the condition of your smart locks with the Vivint App. Just tap an icon, and your smart locks magically lock up tight. Unlocking your doors from your smartphone is just as simple.

Or program your smart locks to bolt automatically when you leave the house. Then geofence your locks to open when you pull up the garage. And quit hiding the emergency house key under the front mat -- which is a large security problem. With your mobile device and the Vivint security app, you can easily unlock your locks for special deliveries or one-time visitors.

Vivint Smart Lock on home

Get alerts when your doors are unlocked

Give your entire family a custom passcode for your smart door locks. Then get a text or notification to your phone whenever the lock status changes. You'll see when a person comes and goes from the house for school or work. For out-of-town guests, assign a one-time-use passcode. Then get a text when they show up and unlock the door.

Set your locks to work with other security system equipment

Your smart door locks can make it easier to get to a safe place during a security event. When your monitored smoke detector senses heat or smoke, your locks will instantaneously unlatch, giving you an unobstructed path out of the house. Or make your security devices arm and smart lighting dim when you type in your lock code when you leave the house.

You can even set your locks to acknowledge verbal directions with your smart speaker. Just tell your Echo or Home device to stand guard, and your doors will lock and your alarms arm. Tell your voice assistant goodnight and watch the house lock up tight for bed.

Your smart door locks can be a great piece for your home security system

When you call about your security, don’t forget to include some smart locks. Your Vivint expert can walk you through all your options and can personalize the perfect system for you. Just phone us at 855-476-5528 or send in the form below to begin.